Absolu Copine 8K Security & Confidentiality Guidelines

Security & Confidentiality Guidelines





These Security & Confidentiality Guidelines constitute an agreement between you and Absolu Copine based in the province of Québec and govern our use of your name, email address and phone number acquired by the use of the PayPal payment gateway for the purchase of COMPANIONSHIP TIME. These Security & Confidentiality Guidelines also include any other use of your personal information acquired in any other way. By using the services, you accept the integrality of these Privacy, Security & Confidentiality Guidelines and also our Services Usage Guidelines and our Refund Guidelines.


We may amend and update this agreement without your consent at any time by posting a revised version on our website. The revised version will be effective at the time we post it.

Use Of Your Personal Information

  • Absolu Copine will NOT sell, give away or share: your name, email address or phone number or any other personal information.


  • We will only use your name, email address or phone number or any other personal information to complete the transaction and appointment for the purchase of companionship time & entertainment services: Absolu Social, Absolu Entreprise, Absolu Copine & Absolu Prestige. Added value services Absolu++: Absolu Escapades, Absolu Club, Absolu Protection, Absolu Chauffeur & Gift Cards.

Protection Of Your Personal Information

  • Absolu Copine has a Kaspersky Secured BlackBerry corporate phone erased every day. NO personal information: contacts, call logs, text messages, emails… will be kept under paper or electronic form – except problematic clients.


  • All the content on this website is secured through TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption technology. Web browsers show a small padlock when TLS is supported. When you see this symbol it indicates that all data transmitted through this website is encrypted using TLS technology.


  • We use DNSEC (Domain Name System Security) DNSSEC guarantees that when you type our domain name AbsoluCopine.com into a web browser you are directed to our web server. You will not be intercepted by a hidden “man-in-the-middle” attacker that will send you to a forged copy of our website. These attacks go unnoticed by users, increasing the risk of phishing, malware infections, personal data leakage, identity theft and other types of DNS forgeries.

Certifications & Verifications

  • Since the 23rd of May 2017, Absolu Copine website is McAfee & TrustedSite Certified Secure, TrustedSite Secure Checkout with $100k Identity Protection.


  • We are Cloudflare Certified Secure by firewall against malware & viruses.


  • Absolu Copine is a PayPal VERIFIED merchant. All the Credit Card & Debit Card transactions are Verified & Secured by PayPal out of our website by a payment gateway. No PayPal account needed. We do not have access to your financial information.

Other Security Implementations


  • Absolu Copine uses a myriad of other logistic and computer related security practises, some proprietary, too numerous to enumerate in this document.

Performance & Analysis

  • Our website uses cookies for no other objective then making your usage, navigation & purchase experience faster and more enjoyable. You can navigate our website by blocking them. It will although be impossible to complete a purchase transaction though our online store.



  • After analysis, to protect your privacy and confidentiality Absolu Copine REFUSED to activate the module Google Signals in Google Analytics.

Personal Data & Discretion

  • We securely eliminate all personal information once services have been rendered without any snags.


  • We deliver our services in Absolute discretion and protect your Security & Confidentiality.