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How We Offer You A Memorable Quality Experience!

Be Pampered

Shop in the nicest boutiques.

Go to the best restaurants.

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Absolu Copine 4K Shopping

Exotic Trips

Travel to exotic locations.

Enjoy our Absolu Escapades.

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Absolu Copine 4K Trips

Mutually Beneficial Relations

Meet people that don’t play games.

No strings attached relations.

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Absolu Copine 4K Mutually Beneficial Relationships

For A Long Term Stability

Meet beautiful successful people.

Can offer valuable guidance.

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Absolu Copine 4K Long Term Stability

How We Offer You An Absolutely Different Approach!

A Quality Enjoyable Experience

  • Absolu Copine carefully listens to everyone’s specific needs & expectations and has built its excellent reputation by delivering on promises. We DO NOT make claims that we cannot fulfill. You will enjoy your appointments and extremely rarely have them shortened or rarely be refused by clients.


  • Absolu Copine appointments start at 2 hours. Absolutely a non rushed human approach! to have the time to chat, break the ice or catch up and get mutually comfortable.

Assured Appointments

  • Absolu Copine offers a high quality FREE photo session that assures appointments.


  • Absolu Copine has an optional APPOINTMENT CALENDAR. You will have all your appointments already set for your available days and you will avoid wasting your time waiting for appointments.


  • Absolu Copine accepts online payments via PayPal for credit and debit cards for COMPANIONSHIP TIME. You are paid in cash.

Flexible Schedules Adapted To Your Needs

  • Absolu Copine specializes in OUTCALL morning, afternoon and evening appointments. We are open from 8am to 11pm every day.


  • Absolu Copine does NOT offer after midnight appointments except overnights. You will be available & awake on your days off to study or do other daytime activities.


  • Absolu Copine let’s you choose your schedule according to your availabilities, we absolutely do NOT impose anything.

Absolute Integrity & Discretion Of Your Security & Privacy

  • Absolu Copine highly values and respects your PRIVACY. On request, we will blur your face and remove tattoos to keep your identity CONFIDENTIAL.


  • Absolu Copine has a Kaspersky Secured BlackBerry corporate phone erased every day. NO personal information: contacts, call logs, text messages, emails… kept under paper or electronic form – except problematic independent escorts.


  • Absolu Copine drivers are vigilant and they guarantee your SECURITY.

Professionalism & Punctuality

  • Absolu Copine is PUNCTUAL. You will NOT wait for your driver and will be on time at your appointments. You will NOT receive negative comments from clients on your punctuality and NOT feel rushed or stressed.


  • Absolu Copine team is respectful, honest and reliable.



  • Absolu Copine has a gym, massage table, bar and complete entertainment system to watch movies, play games, listen to music…


  • Absolu Copine has other EXCELLENT CONDITIONS & ADVANTAGES. More details at meet.

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Evaluation Pictures

Absolu Copine offers a quality FREE photo session. We highly value and respect your PRIVACY. The uploaded pictures are for evaluation ONLY and will absolutely NOT be published, sent or transmitted anywhere.